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No, the title has nothing to do with love ;-). The KISS'd stands for the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid - and additional keep the Gentoo system clean, keep it small, improve the automation level. So lets see where we are, what do we have, where we wanna go and how we can reach our goal. Impatient users who wants to skip this step can jump to the Quickstart page. Otherwise it is maybe a good introduction to see what leads to

Gentoo KISS'ed

Gentoo is a great distribution and I like it really. Nevertheless it is a distribution for a wide area of users. Thus it doesn't fit my needs always. Switching to another distribution will only change the kind of caveats. Creating an individual distribution like a mayfly isn't an alternative too. Beside it would fragment the market further w/o improvements for the user. I used Linux from Scratch for a while before I switched to Gentoo many years ago. The maintenance effort was simply to high. At least the decision was to improve Gentoo w/o breaking the core system.

Gentoo KISS'd is NOT a distribution - it's an extension to the standard Gentoo system only!

Therefore some rules were defined:

  1. Don't touch core functionality which is under control of the distribution maintainers.
  2. Use features and interfaces provided by the distribution itself.
  3. Don't violate the Gentoo philosophy.

At the beginning there was a wrapper around  etc-update   only. As it was grown, a project “Gentoo r-tools” was founded. Later on it was re-organized and renamed, now the project calls qrtools. It consists of two parts: a portage overlay named qrtools and a set of utilities, available as ebuild(s) in the overlay (category: qrt-base).

Naming conventions

To prevent misunderstandings readers should be aware of some naming conventions used through the whole website:

  • A double colon '::' followed by a name refers to a portage repository. So e.g. ::gentoo refers to the main repository gentoo, ::qrtools refers to repository qrtools.
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